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Cairo xlib backend

As part of my cairo porting effort for OpenBSD, I maintain a patch that allows the xlib backend to work on 8 bit and 16 bit displays. Not perfect yet. I need feedback. Until this issue is fixed in the cairo tree, my latest diff (2007/03/17, against cairo-1.2.6) is here. New patch (2007/05/15) against cairo 1.4.6 here.


In the latest (2.0.1) release of ices, an instance is immediatly dropped if the initial connection fails, completely ignoring <reconnectattempts> and <reconnectdelay>. This is very incovenient because an ices process might want to give its sinks a better chance to go online at startup.

This patch against ices-2.0.1 adds a <retry> boolean tag in the instance configuration. By default it is set to "0", which mimicks the current behaviour. If it is set to "1", <reconnectattempts> and <reconnectdelay> will be used on the initial connection too.


The PyOgg project page is here.